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Find urgent care close to you and get fast, quality health care by professional, well trained staff.
You do not need to a registered patient - simply phone them and get a same-day appointment.
And because most clinics are also open after hours, and over weekends, they offer you great convenience

Because of demand, walk in clinic Torrington ct offers a wide range of services that include the following:

Treatments for injuries – From broken bones to animal bites and burns to cuts.

Treatments for illnesses – Clinics are ideal because they offer immediate treatment for an allergic reactions like pink eye and common illnesses like colds and fevers.

Preventative care – Clinics offer flu shots, vaccinations, physicals and the same care,and advice you would get from a GP.

Diagnostic testing – They do X-rays, blood work, strep cultures,and other diagnostic testing.

Pediatric care – Many urgent care centers can provide specialized treatment for children and aged patients.

The difference between Emergency Care ( ER) and Walk-in-Clinics

Most hospitals have an Emergency Department ( ER) .
This is where patients come for life threatening illnesses.
Here they get treatment for severe conditions like stomach pains, vomiting and serious injuries.

ER's have highly trained emergency staff

Your injuries is looked after by a highly specialized medical team.
Staff usually consists of a trauma surgeon and trained nurses.
This team will have the latest medical equipment to give you the best possible chance of survival.

The national criteria for hospital standards is set by the American College of Surgeons (ACS). ER facilities must adhere to the criteria if they want to operate as a trauma center.
Trauma centers are certified into certain levels of competency.
This determines the kind trauma instances they are allowed to handle.
Level I is the highest of certification in this system.

ER's are for emergencies but not for check ups

Some people do not have a regular doctor.
So they go to an ER because it is their last resort for their medical care.
It is not ideal to use an Emergency Departments this way. You will probably wait a long time because real emergencies are being handled.
Because of the nature of an ER, and the because time is limited, they have no follow-up for day patients. This is also why an ER is so expensive.

Walk in Clinic Torrington CT

You should use a walk-in-clinic because you have a mild, non lethal medical condition.
Walk in clinic is set up so that a doctor or qualified nurse can see you a lot faster.
Clinics are also a good choice because they are a lot cheaper than an ER room.
You can be seen by a doctor at a walk in clinic for a low as $70. A visit to the ER can easily cost you $ 350 and more.
The medical attention you will get at a branded walk in clinic is normally of high standard.

On this site we list all branded walk in clinics in Torrington ct so you can be assured of great quality service.
You are welcome to get in touch or to reach us on FB if you have any suggestions.
If you have a medical emergency, call 911, or go to your nearest hospital emergency room
You can expect better service from Franchised Walk in Clinics.

Walk in clinics numbers have grown in popularity over the last few years because it is commercially rewarding.
The urgent care clinics across the country handles up to 160 million patients annually and this means that big money is on the table.
The branded clinics of today are appealing because they are basically a medical model wrapped up in a proven consumer-driven business plan.
The industry depends on location, customer service and brand, just like a restaurant or grocer. Nobody plans to be sick so clinics are placed close to retails spots. where they can easily be found .
These days it is is easy to find a clinic in visible, and highly trafficked locations just off a busy highway, or next to a Wal-Mart.

A commercial model offers quality benefits

When you visit a McDonalds you know exactly what quality food and service you are going to get.
Franchises offer end users the assurance of consistency. And customers love coming back because they get the same quality of service each time
Urgent care centres have applied these commercial principals really well.
This has a big driving force behind the success of the 100+ franchised walk-in-clinics across the US.
The growing number of quality clinics all over the US might is wonderful because they just might rescue America from its looming health care crisis.

How doctors feel about ' commercial clinics'
For doctors the existence of walk-in clinics has been controversial.
Most of them will acknowledge that these retail-based clinics are convenient and therefor mean a lot to patients.
They admit that the clinics are cutting into their own income.
Doctors are trying to build a relationship with their patients and to meet them regularly because they need to follow up on problems.
The clinics interfere with that relationship and fragment health care.
However, walk in clinics are here to stay because they fulfill a very important role, and they add a lot of value in terms of affordable healthcare.